I would not use the word `sloppy` but `overwhelmed` seems right. Andrew  handles the technical side of the business and Brian handles the corporate side and he is probably still trying to figure out the new accounting standards (IFRS) after decades of using the old system. What they probably need is a new director with some accounting experience to chair an Audit Commitee independent of the CFO whichs begs the question; Do they have an Audit commitee? Not to mention an Oversight Commitee which would keep Andrew on the right side of the OSC rather than attract their attention with his late or `I forgot` filings.


You sound impatient there bubba and that is what a low share price does - it makes investors lose patientce , sell out and move on to other more promising stocks. With small volumes per day like 20k - 40k it is small investors moving on. By keeping the share price below $1.20 the brokers might pick up 200k per month - all under $1.20 Forget the day to day stuff and watch the long term big picture story unfold.