Not to discourage anyone,,

In my eyes,  this is one of the safest plays in 2013 at the price we are at as we do have talent on the management side in all likelyhood being calculating in whats to be their next move, board of directors that are involved in worldsize projects and the asset speaks for itself when you evaluate copper plays available on the market, short term and long term

Im not sure why we have stalled based on the above facts , as I view this as a blue chip copper play once this gets some attention in the public.

I view OMN as such an under value asset and if you place a twist on the story you have to ask yourself what has been noted on this board , what does this team have in their vault of things to come....

Just wish the idle side of volume was not so long and we see some ROI for all who been through the slow months and for those who are selling, well your going to miss a good ride



The asset is