Great day of volume, it would be nice if we got 25-30,000 volume a day as our average and then we could see 2-3 dollars by year end . If this is just self stimulated by a few and we go back to 2-3,000 volume days its official its done like toast as it will just drop below 70 cents with very little news left to spike it to the 2/3 dollar level

For now, at least I can sleep without taken pills and thank how OMN seems to be on the way up during a great time for us

Now imagine if each BOD took a 25k entry now  of hard dollars and showed a sign of good faith , just maybe we would be over this first hump of this block, yes its not a huge one, but if we are back to the low volume days , my guess we will be seeing November for any major chance to clear this block

I dont want to say this early, but I just hope what ever team oracle is doing they drive it hard, so the ones who actually placed cash in this company can see a return on an investment equal to the ones who got free paper and thats my version of being a TSX listed Vs TSX.V . one steps up to the plate to support its cause with hard dollars while the other gets gifts for doing nothing.