1) The awesome drill results

Look at these lovely drill results, unbeatable in North America, go Oracle Mining. Eye candy pure !!! Now, it is also clear why we did not see the 43-101 in January, they were waiting for these drill results to be included in the upcoming 43-101. I do not expect this NR to effect the current stock price, since the 43-101 is what everybody is waiting for. This news release is somewhat different, since the company is very open in sharing a diagram of all their drill hole locations, here is the link. www.oracleminingcorp.com/properties/. 

2) Redmetal and Soulpower

Guys, first of all I do understand your frustration and your position, being cash strapped because you bought into a stock and were left for dead on the IR side last year. I am not surprised to see the huge block at 1 CAD, the seller of that block is probably totally cash strapped and even selling at a fat loss because he can not hold any longer due to cash flow problems. But I think that the management has finally realized that they did not have the right people to attract attention in the capital markets and have therefore hired Rod Campbell and he will deal with the issue and get this stock going. Rod start picking up the phone and tell you banker buddies to take a fat position in this company. 

With the release of these results the 43-101 should be awesome.