I am somewhat pleased with the trend of how things are proceeding. Stock seems to catch some wind and is slowly but surely moving up. Rod Campbell has a lot of work in front of him to attract attention on this unique stock, not an easy task considering that the company hasn’t done anything in terms of attracting new shareholders in the last year. 


Considering that they have this Financial Ace on board and a ton money in the bank, 2013 should be a very good year. I am sure we will see some very heavy volume and sharp share price increase in February once Rod Campbell starts picking up the phone and spreads the word that he is now at Oracle Mining. I am sure the financial community is wondering what made this man give up his super high paying position at Clarus Securities and join this underdog mining company. The CEO and the President for sure have a huge incentive to bring the stock up, considering that they were just granted 250.000 warrants each.


Maybe we are lucky and we will also see the 43-101 report in February. It would be nice if the new CEO and the new President would lay out the move forward strategy to their shareholders in form of a corporate update to their loyal and struggling shareholders.

If I understand the timeline towards production correctly, they should have placed the orders for the milling facilities and production plant at some major equipment manufacturer, lead-time for these things is somewhat long. Would be nice if some light could be shed on the progress.

I hope to see 1.25 -1.30 CAD by the end of February and a sharp increase in volume, if they issue the 43-101 maybe we are looking at 1.50 CAD. I wish every OMN shareholder a good year and of course a big spike in share price.