I agree,  it will not take to much to make this asset climb, but with that in mind, requires volume and we dont have that as of yet and if this new member of management  is of quality and can rev this up great. I still dont know what his contributions rest in and how he plays in the scheme , but if does not fall on increasing awareness and retail it will not make a difference to us the shareholder?

The sad is,  I have done multiple entries well above the share price listed now and wish any options to a new team member was given based on an incentive plan and well above market value,  not at near 52 week low and with this tight held asset, RC now appears to see a reward that nobody else could be given in the open market so I hope he is worth his weight in GOLD and not Copper

RC I hope you can turn this around and get this going, based on your package I hope you are da man, because ORACLE IS MISSING THE DA MAN that makes us the shareholder happy