I just saw today’s news release and I have to say that I am very impressed with Paul England’s decision and do agree that this is in our best interest.


"As a result of our recently completed private placement with MF2 and our sale to MF2 of the NSR Royalty, we have enhanced our liquidity and strengthened our balance sheet," said Mr. Paul Eagland, Oracle Mining's Chairman. "In these circumstances, our board of directors agreed that it was in the best interest of our shareholders to terminate the prospectus offering under the terms currently available."


What does this mean? 

In a nutshell it means that they are going to do something about the share price before they will consider any future financing. Oracle now has more than enough money on hand to start an offensive to promote the stock and bring it to a level where it ought to be, before considering another financing in the future. So, I would assume that in early January the stock should explode.