Looks like I am one of three that is invested  in Oracle.   I got in at   .90 cents  increased my position at $1.30  and was pleased to see it drift up to $1.50 plus,  but this increase did so  so on what I called mild news, in fact nothing to justify its gains and ever since the flow of positive news has seen it decline over 35%.

The volume clear defines a lack of retail, but one must think, even with the lack of retail, why the sharp decline when being tightly held?

My position is , if its tightly held  by some BC boys and lacks a  retail side of volume, why the sell off? I'm not to worried so much on retail, if for as long as this company has potential and based on all the information given to the public, it is.

I am worried over a decline in a tight held asset,  which struggles on its share price, as its click, sells off, while great news comes out , which means, keeping its own click  stable till the arrival of new investment dollars looks to be a task for Oracle as well as retail.

If nobody sells on days of 70,000 volume,  it has to go one way, but our problem is, sell orders are being accommodated during some of the companies best news releases, all be it mild, but still being sold, when last year with limited knowledge in the public of news releases , the sell orders had been hard to find at best.

Oracle, place some science in keeping the old and bringing in the new, I have learn now, it takes more then just good news to keep the share holder happy. Oracle has to learn what that is , god knows they have the talent to structure a company , but maybe they forgot that it takes allot more then just high end executives to run a company, it takes a team that can market and reach out.

With all this cash they will have, one would hope that this team is being create and will be shaped, that will impact the share price. If they just float and do nothing the $1.50 cent range will be hard to come by as most of the positive news has been out,

Spend cash to make cash.