I think its complacent when OK itself is barely getting by and is not profittable. Clearly FR is acquiring OK because its close by their mine and they're always interested in long term expansion possibilities. Clearly this is merely but a resource grab - but there are plenty of other land sites around with silver-rich ore.

But do note that it was ever only a friendly offer. Don't push it too much. Its like if your house was flooded and your friend offered to let you sleep over at their place until the house is fixed. And then you go to his house and start demanding this and that, grab the remote for the TV, ask them to be quiet while you are doing your stuff, being rude etc.

CDE's offer for OK is more of a calculated measure to control FR's growth more than anything else as well as some upside for production increases in the long run.

Fact is FR doesnt really need OK since any benefit from OK wont be gained until many years down the line. Fact is even CDE doesnt really need OK either and they will barely be able to get it up and running since they as a firm are not nearly as well managed  and financially sound as FR. 

Infact, if history is an indication, I think CDE might even run into financial trouble in the future because they will  have too much overhead trying to get OK mine up to speed.