Just wanted to have some opinions if it is still  advicable to buy Orko shares or to buy more Orko shares.

What would be the worst case scenario?

Whar would be a realistic expectation?

Since two companies FR and CDE wanted to buy Orko it looks like it is unlikely that both withdraw. How likely is it that a third one like Fresnillo or Pan American move in. I still do not understand why Pan American withdrew from taking over Orko Silver. If I look at the very nice presentation of CDE at their web page


I see on page 12 that a succesful Orko buy would make them number 2 behind Fresnillo in that business. This would mean CDE would be ahead of Pan American and also would leave Silver Wheaton behind. Of course that is their wish, but CDE management knows to distinguish between a good and a bad deal. Orko is long term a pretty good one and whoever gets the companuy will make a lot of money.