FR can't realistically match Coeurs new offer due to the complexities of Shares, Warrants, & Cash offered. Should you read this up the Coffers and cough up Cash!!  You are not exactly scraping the bottom of the Barrel. "Take a loan out"....paper currency is cheap these days. Your Company is a money-maker, extraordinarily efficient at producing OZ. out of the Ground at very low cost.  Granted your Stock would take a hit in the short term, but, ultimately, turning into "A BEHEMOTH" in no time.  That, or you can take an attractive Termination Fee, and "put your Head between your Legs". 

                                                                                                        Thank-you Kevin in advance for an "HONEST" $2.80-$2.90 offer........and have a wonderful Week-end.  On a personal note....STICK IT TO EM!!