Midas-i don't have anymore Orko shares to sell- I sold them all for over $3 and change when I realized the ore bodies were a very difficult extraction problem- !!! If you in particular didn't sell your Orko shares one imagines you didn't pay attention to the details of Orko's reports -or you misread !But that you didn't sell(assumption on my part ) your Orko stock at the right time because you thought it would go sky high (greed !) you will probably be faced with accepting Majestic's offer or sell in the cash market.My purpose is sincere in addressing this board and I stick with my analysis of Majestic's offer for Orko-Take Majestic's paper and you will surely find out I was right-Bye the Waye-you should check out profit margins of silver producers historically .I will not reply to any more of your shallowness Midas -I've served my purpose here .