I'd say nitaisamurai you have No Patience, No Logic


Yes all boats will rise from jr's with nothing but a land mass to sr producers will see a huge % gain in their values if Silver does in fact rise 500% thats a rather BIG 'if" and not a logical investment plan but more like a lottery ticket approach.


In todays equity markets raising capital is very difficult, how much money would OK have to raise to become a producing mine.....does the current OK management have the ability to do so?, raise the funds, build and run a producing operation?


Your talking MASSIVE Dilution in outstanding shares trying to raise money, massive!!


You've got to deal with reality, you've got a great opportunity to become a shareholder of a proven silver producer and if Silver is priced alot higher its those that are producing silver that will benefit the most.


On one hand your in the camp that believes in $180 Silver = 500% increase yet your not willing to put your money where your opinion is.....as the arb trade is currently taking place with FR share value.....


Take advantage and BUY FR SHARES !!! You'll thank yourself over the next 3 years....


Seems lika an UNFREAK'IN BELIEVABLE opportunity to me