Sprott has almost a 3 bagger from their investment in FR so imagine they're happy. On the other hand, one of Sprott's team (Peter Imhof) had Orko as his #1 pick on BNN on 2 occassions in past year as he was particularly impressed with potential silver flow from La preciosa.

No question Orko is a great asset for FR and so only question is fair price. Point about 60% increase to sp prior to buyout bid is valid but one also has to appreciate that the boyz were beating up on the sp after PAAS bailed and sp had no relationship to value of silver in the ground. Great deal for FR....sure, but fair price for this asset?.... absolutely not in the opinion of many OK shareholders. However, I guess it'll be deemed to be fair if another suitor doesn't step forward. Will Cour step forward....lots of time before Feb 2o deal closing and we'll see what happens with silver bullion price over next month. Too early to count those chickens just yet IMO.