silver properties at the lows of sentiment for the price of silver and the junior miners related to it...HELL NO!!! We need the market to come to us...and the management to work for shareholders. I heard rumors that Sprott Asset Mgmt. is thinking of starting a new investment vehicle that would broaden their scope beyond bullion and share equity investment and into acquiring entire resource companies proven cheap silver ounces in the ground. They would be willing to hold these properties and sell at the right time...they are tired of the mismanagement in the junior sector. They have a similar type vehicle in the agricultural sector where they are acquiring precious agricultural land on a large scale for investment appreciation while they lease it out to farmers. As they are large shareholders in Orko which possesses a property with further blue sky potential, it would make sense that they take this property at this ridiculously low price and either sit on it for further multiples in price in the future or manage it for further development increasing the resource. Sprott is very innovative in their approach to the resource sector and they could do well with such an investment vehicle since they are forecasting spot price of silver in the hundreds of dollars when all is said and done. After all properties like Orko's don't grow on trees. The fact that Sprott would make an offer for this would further increase the realizable value in the short term at least. Also I know that Sprott have ownership in FM but the true value in this property would be realized under the Orko umbrella  with a sale in the future than under the  sale and carried  interest  to  FM right now and into the future. Namaste.