If management is not well liked by the street...momentum guys, than the company never makes it to my chart...just to clarify....the team I follow for DD is Eric Sprott's team....I'm not going to think for a second my DD is better than the street level, street level meaning they have a different meeting with management than any of us as they provide the momentum to the story.


FR is Eric's #1 Silver miner pick, fwiw


In the end the street valued OK....$1.50ish before FR's premium...again that $1.50 value is the price minus hope, bs, premium story telling etc.


BreX should not be used as an example for anything imo, there was nothing normal about the story, the trend and the outcome. Its chart would have had a classic rhino horn up swing which many a pro chart trader would have sold into that strength just to watch it go alot higher.


I've never, ever bought anything at the low or sold at the high, its a fools game and no pro trader looks at his investments in that light....


I had a huge position in HZUx200% ETF when silver was $24 and I sold as the chart went rhino horn to $36 which was a 100% gain in less than 2 months...Feb-Mar 2011....it paused then took off to $49 and I watched, but I was and still am very thankfull of my very large $$ gains.


Sounds like you need to stop beating yourself up Tony, ya can't hit a homerun evertime at bat its unrealistic by any measure


Good luck to you as a (fellow) FR investor...........