Well, you're not very consistent, because you say management is key but then ignore them and only follow charts. What do you do if the two diverge? I'm the reverse, and place zero trust in charts and only look at the underlying value which I assume, in my perpetual naivety, will always eventually be recognised (not true with Orko which is why I blame management), and which minimises the downside. This site has had many people calculating the value of the stock, but no one ever pitched it as low as $2.70.

I once bought 16,000 Bre-X on a tip; bought at $0.75 and sold at $2.50, which was my target. I then watched them soar to $100 and then fall to nothing. The period when I could have had $1.6 million haunted me as I had to explain, repeatedly, to my wife why I had sold them. I never suspected fraud.  I don't know how your charts would have helped you with Bre-X, and don't tell me that fraud has been eliminated from the Vancouver Stock Exchange.

Best to you too for 2013, and I will be sticking around with FR.