No idea. No one in or out of Orko management ever explained why the Swedish and other rights were put in Orex and not Orko, although anyone can guess.  My complaints on this board about it were never addressed. Nor were my co plaints about giving PAAS three years. My Orko gain is due to averaging down when the price collapsed to $0.35, which was risky and done only because I focussed on the silver in the ground.  I bought shares also at $2.91 when the opinion of this board was that Orko was worth $6 to $10, but have turned out to be $2.30; management kept shtum about that also.

Your statement that management is key is true but valueless because until the game is played out no one can judge. Then hindsight is 20/20. As I told you, I was fascinated about the game, which is now over, so why not look at the facts. They may be new to you, but anyone can comment here - even management.