After all the financial chaos the banks of the world have created, I don't trust any banks opinion regarding anything!!

GOLD is the most manipulated market traded because it is the worlds true reserve currency and Da Boyz are going to continue throwing everything they can at preventing a print of $2000 but imo will (continue to) fail as if they could control the BULLish trend...... gold would still be sub $500

Anyone long gold and silver is short paper currencies, and currency wars are unfolding around the world as the powers at be do not want the sheeple to lose confidence in printed paper currency seeking the only alternative....Gold and Silver

We must remind ourselves just because we own precious metals don't assume its on the "sheeples" radar screen yet, its not even close! and no bubble top in any sector has popped with the sheeple not joining in at much higher levels.

2013 is going to be a wild ride!!!!!!!