Wow, I tell you reading this thread Tony is like going back in time to the dotgone days!

Who "made you" buy into OK?....there are 100's of silver jr's, "YOU" picked OK

Who "made you" stay invested in OK? couldn't sell when you were so disappointed?

Got a mirror in your house?, I suggest you look into it for your answer!, you want honesty, there...........

What is wrong with you people? You've stayed invested in a company of which the management has not lived up to your expectations which is a basic jr stock no-no and now you complain another company is going to pay you a huge premium over what "the markets" valued you jr at a week ago, not what you dreamed, hoped it was worth...welcome to reality!

Instead of owning up to the fact YOU stayed with an invested thats underperformed your goals why not spend your time going over the history of a superior run company that you have a chance of making all you losses back with FR, your that ticked off that your heading into another investment thinking K.N. is going to be playing games!!..........thats just plain pathetic

I don't know why I bother otherthan we ALL have been disappointed in the past by mismanagement but one moves on and your being pointed in the right direction, into FR

I'm not gloating, I'm pointing out facts about FR and we will be fellow shareholders in a fantasticly run company, which I picked as an investment and I can sell anytime I want, but its performance these past 7 years has been rewarding for its shareholders so sorry I'm a happy FR shareholder and you can be aswell.

Wow, it must have been one ugly investment Tony for you not to see today the positive future not only silver bullion imo is going to provide over the next few years but owning shares in a very well run company FR.....thats not gloating its FACT.

Good luck with your future investments, Tony...remember we all can sell our investments when they disappoint and move on or add when they reward us that decision is made by the individual investor, not management

Hope 2013 is a better experience for you.................