What the FR ceo said during our conference call was that large arbitrage dealers will short a stock taking over another and expect this will continue with soft price for FR or swings in both until the boyz make maximum profits from both FR and Orko.

Now that I've needed to research FR I must say I like the company and bought a position today as their price has been spanked. We'll see if there is a suitor out there who will ante up but if not will simply take the FR offer. Orko has been so poorly run and operated for such a long time it'll be good to move on. As for the team's other stock (Rex), there's no way I'll touch it. As someone posted here recently, fool me once shame on you but fool me twice and shame on me. For a property like La Preciosa it's hard to imagine we're giving it away. What's the hurry anyways and why did we go thru the expense of footing the bill for the PEA simply to capitulate. Cope and Devji will be made millionaires for their efforts (thanks to cheap options and repriced options) but most of us shareholders are just sucking dust. However, I must also add that PAAS really stuck it to us by sitting on this property and doing no drilling for past couple of years.