and I was just thinking of how we have this amazing news release in September and we shoot above 2.00 only to get SMASHED back down to 1.40 (maybe it was even 1.30) within weeks, and all of the stench of watching the stock get managed at 1.60 for a month so Gary could roll out the red carpet for First Majestic.  And apparently that wasn't good enough, so they asked him to put us under the red carpet so they would have some cushion. Well, he wasn't lying when he told us that they were in serious negotiations.  Man, if they hadn't been in serious negotiations (ie, a manipulated stock price, based on retrospect), maybe the stock would have hit 2.40 on its own merit.   

Only Orko.

a 69% premium that turns into a 45% premium within a day.

Triple the mineable resource and this is what we get???

and now instead of the banks going over the cliff as they deserve to, they're pushing gold off of it.  Perfect timing - we get a $.h.!.7 offer that's shares only, AG coughs up the amount of the dilution, and now gold is barfing.