Nice to see an offer.

Now we should be range bound around $2.70 instead of $1.60.

I will not be tendering to this offer. I have a hard time believing that even managment feels that La Precosia is only valued at $387MM. Even though my valuation model is rudimentary it still utilizes factual information and I beleive our asset to be substantially north of $2.72 per share.

Last year when La Precosia had 80MM mineable ounces as per the PAA PEA, we traded up to $2.60 in anticipation of a PAA offer. (and no premium attached there)

The clock is now ticking for any other interested parties to either s_ _t or get off the proverbial pot.

I am confident that we will see competeing bids and am prepared to bet on it. Anyone want to take the other side of that wager?

The game is afoot.

Congrats to all longs. Would such to be short :)