Hey carterZ21.

I know that Gary anticipates the PEA to be out sometime in February but again, there has not been an enviable track record for attaining self imposed deadlines. Certainly not dissing Gary and crew here as there are often circumstance out of their control.

With respect to prompting AMEC to get it out sooner rather than later, not sure if Orko has the wherewithall. AMEC is a leading global engineering, project management and consulting company with clients that include B.P., Shell and the U.S. Navy to name a few. (Off topic - a little while ago here on the forum, somebody posted that it might not be a good idea to have AMEC finish the PEA sooner rather than later because they will not have anything to do - or something to that effect - made me chuckle)

I have raised concerns to Orko that I believe our prevailing share price is a detriment to recognizing fair value for our asset and am comfortable that even though we trade where we do, fair value will ultimately be recognized.