I also want to thank everyone for there thoughtful views.  Though I am a long term holder, it does not preclude me from feeling anxiety as to how things are going to pan out.  Seeing this Project grow in size over the last number of years has been very gratifying and, occasionally, (not lately) left me a little starry eyed.  Anyways, it is a matter-of-fact realization that all my DD, coupled with my sentimentality (lol) guarantees a big "0"!   I'm trying like crazy to have my gut believe that Cope & Co. are looking after our best interests, but having blind faith in them is beyond reckless foolhardiness.  What pans out down the Road is anyones guess, though, deep down, I am still a Believer.

                Best of luck to all, (especially the longtermers) and Happy Holidays.