Evenpar's last post........I don't think anyone could summarize all the take out talk as well. A revised PEA in hand has many advantages, along with time, which should be on Orko's side.  And I would agree that tax preferred treatment through share exchange is what will be sought. 

All pm shares, except for Franco Nevada, Royal Gold and a select few are way down from highs, so although it may seem like it would be best to grab the deposit from Orko before another PEA, the currency of the transaction ( company shares) should appreciate in 2013 along with Silver price, so they don't really have to worry about the cost of LaPreciousa running away from them. MHO 

There are several larger deposits as Silver Trust mentions, however the pure silver ones are rare.  I don't believe we will see any huge premiums or over paying at this point, but,  like Par mentions, a bid and a new PEA is another step in the eventual progress of getting good value for this deposit. I think Gary, Mike, Art, George are alot smarter than most seem to think. You don't find these kinds of deposits often and when you do, conducting a quick sale at rock bottom prices to get what?  a bunch of cash so you can start over and try to find another deposit?  what are the chances of that happening? 1 in 10000?  It is a long road, but lets hope the risk on mentality kickstarts soon and gold gets over $1900 to $2000 early in 2013.  That will spark the whole sector and give those suitors a bump up in their shares to buy us out with in April or May at at better price than 500 million.