Par, it's been almost six years for me. I tend to agree that $3-$3.5 range is a likely intial offer dispite my "wishful thinking" and hopeful $4.00 -$5.00 take-out.  SSO ( Silver Standard) released its feasibility study for its Pitarilla deposit in Durango Mexico this week. The deposit is north/west of the city of Durango about a two hour drive. The deposit is Lead, Zinc and Silver with little gold. 497mm oz probable mineral reserves of silver with recovery rate of .696 so 333 MM oz of silver. CC of $740mm . The plant location is 47km from the nearest paved highway so infastructure ( roads,power) will eat into the CC. At $25 silver NPV @5% is $737mm and at $30 silver NPV @5% is $1316mm......It will be a super open pit and 32 year mine life..... Also the grade over the life of mine is 93g/t. .While it is apples to oranges comparison to La Preciosa....there are similarities. The point I am trying to make is IMHO if we ( or someonelse) get to FS stage our resource could well be close to the 300mm range with a 10-12 mm oz per annum operation and a 25 year mine.....but this will take alot more work, time and money ie another year.... At a $3.50 bid a suitor would value LP at $500MM. The problem I have is that we just dont have a PEA to be able to get a reasonable handle on valuation. The key metric in any valuation is the CC for a large super pit..The Pitarilla FS gives us some sense but if CC costs for LP come anywhere near the $700mm level even at $30/0z silver then it will be hard to justify a $700mm take out bid...and that is why I would just as soon see a PEA in hand and yes a $40.00 oz silver price. But we do have serious suitors and a rare deposit with lots of upside. Who knows maybe PAA, now that they have put Navidad on hold and still hold 4mm shares of Orko plus are still under C/A status until April 2013 will make a surprise move! No one knows LP better than PAA but I shall not digress!  Cheers and let's hope we get 2 or more suitors bidding for Orko.