Hi Silvertrust,


Thank-you for your post. It certainly generates some interesting thinking. Your point about why Devji is attending the London conference is a good one. I agree that logically one would not have Devji attend the conference to market the company if negotiations were in effect.Perhaps the conference attendance was booked months ago and there are other mitigating factors as to why Devji is attending. Also, with technology the way it is, Mike could easily particpate in meetings/discussionsby teleconference/videoconference much like out of town Directors do for board meetings of public companies. In any event keeping the foot on the accelator during nogotiations is always a good idea. I like your speculation about Hochschild. Very good points your raise. If Gary and others were also in London it may lend further credence to that hypothesis.Perhaps a call to Orko next week would be in order ???


GLTA longs