I still think that one of the problems Orko still has is their extremely low share price. 


Regardless of what one thinks our deposit is worth ... any opening bid in a takeover has to take account the target's current sp in preparing a bid.  I see prices of $5-$6 bantered around on this board as a possible takeover price .... although I would love to see that I cannot in any circumstances see an initial bid coming anywhere close to that when we have a share price that can't break out of the 1.50-1.60 range. 


Any bidder's board of directors would be hung from the rafters offering 3+ times a target's share price ... not in this market environment ... maybe in the tech bubble era but not now.


That is why I am sticking to my prediction of $3-$3.50 at best UNLESS our market capitalization picks up.  Gary has done everything but advertise on highway billboards that OK is for sale and he wants it gone NOW.  Despite all of Gary's shouting from the mountain tops we still languish at $1.60.


This is why IMO Mike is still on the road doing presentations.  Orko needs a SP well into the mid $2 range if Orko is to realize a bid that is worthy of La Preciosa's major world class deposit.


That is just my opinion .. I have been in Orko pretty much from Day 1 so would love to see some of the prices mentioned on the board as a takeover price but I don't see it in the current environment.