Thanks Smoker2. I am a bit intrigued as to why Devji would be in London at this time and why Orko would invest the time and expense for an overseas trip. If they are involved in key negotiations Mike would likely be front and centre in such negotiations and close to home base.And most major mining/resource and investment conferences have wound down for the year.One would think there would be less focus on investor forums and more time focused on the issues at hand, namely negotiations . Now this maybe a stretch, but in my due diligence I had pegged Hochschild Mining ( London based) as a company who may have an interest in La Preciosa. Hochschild's is a silver/gold miner with corporate offices in London. They just bought a gold mine operations ( Andina) which is in Chile and paid $100mm cash. They have a very strong balance sheet with over $450mm in cash. They have one open-pit mine in Mexico- Moris. Most of their assets are in South America namely Peru and Argentina. Most of us here are well aware of the growing concerns regarding potential resource nationalism that is occuring in certain South American countries and the sovereign risks it poses for many large miners who have operations in these countries. IMHO La Preciosa would give Hochschild a strong presence in Mexico with greater silver diversification. So when you put up this link about Devji being in London next week it got me thinking about his rationale for going to London.....Then again I could be way off the mark! Oh well it's nice to speculate.