Hi mikeyr47,


the thing is that also in times when PAA was in the game Orko's management calculated that there should be a price of around $4.25 per share. So do you really think that there could be a takeover for 3 bucks. Hey, Orko was arleady at $3.30 (or something like that at ATH). Now a new FS was made and a PEA is coming. The company just recovered from the PAA-blackout.


To the inferred resources: if Orko would bring the inferred resources into the category of the indicated resources for most companies La Preciosa would be to expensive for a buyout. Don't forget that La Preciosa already is under the top 3 undeveloped silver deposits in the world. What you want more? A giant who cannot be taken out?


It's good like it is. Orko also don't have to sell in times when the market is totally down (like every year in November to January). Do you think a good businessman would sell at those times and levels? Then he should retire. Sell high is the mission, not sell low in a trash market with stink bids!


Orko will reach offers for 5 or 6 bucks or even higher when the time is right. So why sell before? Crazy! ... Just because some weak hands want make some money before the end of the year? ... The hot money was a plague here before several times ... I hope that they will fail the ride and stand on the outside when the day will come and an offer is spoken out ... far, far beyond your mentioned stink bids.