The longer we wait, the more attractive this Project is going to look.  D'ont be fooled.  The Majors would be happy to see us self-destruct, if Silver were to plummet to the mid $20's.  Cope & Co. could very well ask us to accept $2.50, & some of you may be relieved to get that!!  On the other hand, Silver could hold where we are now in the mid $30's, and a $3-4 offer could follow.  Then there is the mania stage (I'll have some of that)  due to QE  4's.....Shorts getting squeezed BIG TIME.....maybe the Chinese trying to corner the Market (wishful thinking).......Silver goes happily ballistic.  Then watch multiple offers being thrown our way.  "Who'll start the bidding"?  $5.......who'll give me $6.......I have $5.50..........Do I hear $6.......yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!!!!!!  

                                                                                             Nuff fun for one Evening