Orko will not hurry to do a further PP because they stil have about $11 million in the bank cash and some investments. They still have alot of money after the PEA. And as you can hear in an interview about 2 month ago the drilling at La Preciosa isn't realy serious exploration because they are satisfied with the resources they have.


Orko is clear expecting to be taken out. Every costly exploration with adding new resources isn't necessary and it would be make La Preciosa to costly for later take outs. La Preciosa already is one of the top 3 new undeveloped silver deposits in the world. Further increase would make it very costly for any bidder to take out Orko at a fair value. So that would urge the management for the decision to bring La Preciosa into production for its own. But that is something what the management several times said isn't their aim.


Cope clearly stated that Orko does not have to bring the inferred resources into the category of the indicated resources. He suggested that Orko is taken out before! ... and Orko wont run out of money before, after the PEA the interested parties will be in hurry to open the game.