OK seems to be trading sideways waiting for the US financial cliff to hit a speed bump or Europe to spend more money to bail Greece out or other southern European countries in trouble.

Even the new Bank of England govenor is to be the old Bank of Canada govenor. In order to get England or Europe going he is going to have to oversee re-inflation of the entire monetary system.  All of this &  more speaks to inflationary times ahead & who on BNN isn't talking about Gold/silver soaring in the months ahead.

Until just a month ago  you never heard about gold going to $2000. by analsysts. Now everybody is saying it out loud yet!!!

This sentiment seems to keeping OK level. Even the SP has been see-sawing above & below the downtrend line dating from May/2012. When it breaks above this line it will be game on. When one sees this type of trading action it is getting close to the moment of truth. I call it day-traders' psorias (itch). There is no salve for that just bit the bullet & chant namaste.