I'm not going to argue with your assessment. I hope you are right given that I also own a silver/copper company that would benefit from higher commodity prices. And I concur that these are not ignrant men at the helm. In addition Cope was pretty sure,at least publically, that PAA was doing a buyout. So can we trust his public prononcements that insinuate that a deal is close at hand?  No. This is posturing and an attempt to move the share price, pure and simple. Personally, I would support a $4.00 buyout, whether or not it represents true value. To me, it means I double my investment and can move on to other plays which I feel are likely to see substantial upside in 2013, although not in the next few months. I'm afraid that if all of Gary's hype turns into not, the sp will take a significant plunge once more.