Tast my Ucore friend, you may also be correct.  And mine is only one person's opinion. Let me expand on a view that Gary talks in public to the constant unending questions ...."Gary, when we get a buyout?"  He is suggesting in the latest few months that we might not make it to Feasability before a takeout, but nevertheless in conversations I have had with him, they will only present an offer that is close to what the entire mgmt team expects......500 to 700 million has been thrown around alot. Wisely, Gary has stopped making ballpark estimates in public, as to not tip his hand to the C.A. Producers looking through all the data now.

Yes, the major shareholders are on mgmt side and all of them want full market value, not anything less. Those who wanted a fast sale or were impatient, have sold out. I count 3 funds in last 4 months who have dumped shares because they didn't get the instant market pop they hoped for. For a major shareholder, there is no real junior in silver that has better deposit or production potential, and in gold is similar.  There are only a handful and the larger deposits are all getting to be lower grade, which presents additional costs and time consuming methods to production.

I know we all would like to see a buyout, but at this point in the precious metals bull market ( nearing the end of a major consolidation phase)  I would be and have been a buyer of those shares which have best resources going forward.  Once the entire complex  ( HUI index or GDX  or GDXJ ) resumes it's bullish phase, it is the shares with best resources that will lead. Until then, they do all get lumped together when risk off and sector specutors are out. Which means Orko at $1.60 doesn't really mean much unless you are conducting a fire sale.  Once the physical metal breaks out of it's corrective phase and moves to closer and beyond the highs of a year ago....the shares will gain a favourable bid and there is a big upside due to the negative correlation between shares and phyical. Add the fact, there are large hedge funds who short the pm shares and have been doing that for a few years, means alot of room to climb. Below is 3 year Silver chart which has a long downslopping wedge since the high at $50. On the shorter term, it has a cup and handle. Both are bullish and this metal is due for upside breakout.  Under that, is the GDXJ chart and the horrible looking 3 year version.  Gary Cope started as a stock broker, he understand where we are. All the major shareholders know exactly where this market is and where it is going. None of these people make public comments as to what they really think, but be assured none of them is dumb and nobody is in a rush to get rid a deposit that will transform a producer from intermediate to senior in one quick move.

Strange things can happen, lets hope more good fortune shines on us just the way this "open pit" potential fell into our lap.

cheers to all