Sprott funds have been big holders of Orko. In their june 30, 2012 financial statements they show that their precious metals fund had 4.384 million sharea and their equity fund had 891,000 shares. Total cost for both was $11.34M and $2.43M, so average cost per share was $13.77M/5.275 shares = $2.61 per share. This info was in the mail out packages sent to fund holders. I like to check such comparisons as good to see what the big boys are holding and what they've paid. The various institutional shareholding on the web can be seen at http://apps.cnbc.com/view.asp?country=US&uid=stocks/ownership&symbol=ok-v

Things may have changed for Sprott holdings since June although given Sprott's guy (Peter Imhof) has been on BNN twice indicating Orko as #1 pick so they like what they see. His pick was based on potential silver production per year and resulting cash flow. Anyone hear whether Imhof is still publicly embracing Orko? So if Sprott's average cost is around $2.50 per share, they must have expectations of a reasonably much higher and good payday? Just food for thought.