Some interesting opinions, but I will offer my view on our fav Silver explorer..

There are often references to Cope and Co. wanting out and suggesting a position of weakness ? I don't think so........and why is:

IMHO  there are alot of undervalued miners,as the whole sector is in a 15 month corrective phase in a long term bull market.  However,  few if any sitting on 300 million ounces of easily accessed almost pure silver deposit in friendly juristiction. 11 million ounces of silver production in first year also puts it into the top 5 or 6 in world. Now, if Orko management knows precious metals well,( which they do)  and have alot of experience in the markets ( which they do)  and have credible geologists etc, then they know they are in a long term bull market for silver and what they are sitting on could be worth $50 to $100 oz within 36 months. Now why would anyone be in a hurry or disadvantage? Further still, how many producers with the majority of their producing assets in less than friendly countries, and increasing problems with local governments, taxes, inflation, and lower grades in existing mines can maintain their current growth profiles?  Answer is very few. Gary Cope might have tipped off one such potential suiter being out of the running due to their own mismanagement and shortfall of production this last quarter....Coeur D'Lene which had stock drop over 20% in one day. No, the major producers are not in great shape going forward and this is not 2009 where the juniors are starved for money and financing.
Will there be an attractive deal?  well nobody knows for certain, but after a  feasability, which would be in by mid 2013 and Silver rising to $40 to $60 will sure light a fire under even those not in the running for buyout today.
 This is not the NHL lock out scenario