one thought as I was catching up on recent posts, and to address your concern smoker.  while the treatment of the shares by the market and the treatment of the shareholders by management has been less than any of us expected, a question that comes up is whether this is all a scam.  Then I thought of Bre-X (which pre-dated my activity in commodities).  It would seem that if Orko didn't have the goods and they were trying to trick people, history would indicate we'd have already experienced a much higher stock price along the way (another one that I did trade but missed the move, is ECPN - sounds like a total scam and it shot from .17 to 4.00 several years ago (on no significant developments), and is now back at .25 (up from .01 three years ago)). 

Not that I've had real concerns about Orko in that regard, but in looking at the worst possible scenario, it just hasn't acted like a scam.  like a questionably run company? sure. like one where bu!!$#!t runs rampant with the share price? absolutely. but as long as there is silver in the ground and the CAs are real, it is just a matter of time.

but, I still hope that block doesn't kick in on Monday!  how big was the sell block, by the way?