I am a believer in this Company.  It doesn't take a way, though, from frustrations of how things are being handled.  Professional operation?....ahhhhhh.....hmmmmm??  One of the things that really irks me is their communication/public relations.   When I was at the One2One Investor Forum recently in Toronto, Mike Devji, as one example, told the crowd we had 250 Million oz.  "WE DON'T"!!!  I hate when people don't speak clearly & concisely....simple....just like the brochure says in the Companys highlights....we have 110 indicated, and 150 inferred.  Don't give us 1/2 truths.  As Investors, we hang on every piece of info we can get our hands on. 

                                                                               If they will not be virtuous, then, I will keep my guard up.