Hi Milly and all,


I completely agree with your comments regarding trading of insiders. The absence of trading by insiders can be a sign that OK is in active takeover negotiations especially when considering the context of Cope's recent interview comments. It appears to me that Cope has been getting more and more aggressive in his comments in that the end is near. With all the delays and lack of PR polish that has been common for OK I can't imagine Cope would comment so brazenly about the end being near without a good deal of comfort that an offer was on the way in the near future. What I found interesting was that Cope did mention in the interview that a substantive amount of his current/future wealth is tied up in his companies (OK & REX). IMHO this is key to ensuring his personal best interests are aligned with ours and a significant motivator to getting a deal done. I haven't researched REX to any great degree but have to believe OK is his best chance for a cozy retirement.