My guess is $4+. Cope said that Orko's days are coming to an end fairly shortly and that he feels  negotiations are coming to a rapid close. He also mentions that there is more than one serious contender. This leads me to believe that the one who wants LP the most will make a strong offer that Orko feels it can sell to it's shareholders. While my preference is that a PEA is first completed before we get an offer I get the sense from Gary's comments that an offer as been made and they are negotiating the terms. If in fact it is in the $4.00+ range then I would dare say a substantial make up of the deal would be in stock. The number of Miners with large sums of cash on their books to take out Orko are few and far between. Hochschild PLC might be one as they have no substantial assets in Mexico and have close to $600mm in cash/cash equivalents. Also remember who ever grabs Orko will need alot of cap ex to develope the property and bring it into production in the next 2-3 years. So the likelihood is that any deal has a substantial stock component. Let's hope we get north of $4.00.