Thanks for the post of the Korelin interview Ihateshares. I agree with many of the recent posts and wish to commend many posters for value posts.


Quite an interesting interview IMHO. It appears that the more I listen to Cope's interviews of recent past, the more I believe that OK will be gone before the PEA which Cope mentioned in the interview is due out in February 2013. Cope also mentioned that OK would likely be gone within a year which I think is pretty much a given.


I agree with Caffee and others in that it would appear to be in our best interest to be taken out after the PEA release and updated analysts coverage. The fly in the ointment with that scenario is that an acquisitor would be better off taking us out before those catalysts move our share price much higher. I really don't believe that the updated PEA will tell the acquisitor(s) anything they don't already know. It willl only tell the greater marketplace what they otherwise don't know. The potential acquisitors have had access to the data room, Mining Plus's work product, site visits and as Cope has stated, have constructed their own models. Waiting for them only becomes more costly. Also, let's not forget that they all don't know what the other is preparing to do, offer wise. Nothing like peer pressure to move things along.


I try not to speculate on takeover prices but what the heck. The offer will need to be in the ballpark, my guess being around $4.25. It will make Cope & Co. think seriously and then push it to and agreed upon price of $4.50 which will be presented to shareholders. If Van Eck and Sprott have average costs positions around $2.50 (just guessing) they would likely support it. Add in managements positions and we have a deal, IMHO.


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