jim2979, I had stated in my post that people can draw their own conclusions but I will offer this up.

Again, if our higher grades and greater future cash flows offset the fact that Dolores was purchased as a producing asset then we could use the following:

The net, net price paid by PAA was $1.0Bn for an asset with a GMV of $9.3Bn.

$1.0 / $9.3 = .1075 - therefore PAA paid 10.75% of the GMV for the Dolores deposit.

If we were to recognize the same, a suitor would pay:

$8.5Bn X 10.75% = $913,750,000 for the La Precosia

There are roughly 142MM shares outstanding so on a per share basis, ~$6.43.

If in fact a suitor was prepared to spend ~$900MM to acquire La Precosia, there would still be a lot of meat on the bone for them given that the NPV at the weighted average PM price is $1.25Bn again which does not include underground GMV and exploration upside.