Hey blue_sea,


I think many of us on this board have felt, or are still impatient with OK on the takeover front. Timelines/yardsticks seem to be constantly extended outward. I'm trying to focus on some interesting observations as of late.


The first being Cope's recent interview as posted by smoker. During the interview, Cope mentioned that the serious parties (3 or 4) subject of the CA's have completed their due diligence and he expects them to be considering their options/possibly making an offer soon. I realize "soon" is a difficult word to define with OK however in my view soon would be before the revised PEA is out sometime in Q1 2013. I don't believe these parties need to wait for the revised PEA as Cope has stated they probably have developed their own models in evaluating the worth of the deposit. Cope has made it clear he wants to sell the company so I believe it would be in the interest of an acquistor not to wait around for the share price to move higher due to a number of potential catalysts such as the; POS and revised PEA numbers.


I would look to insider trading transactions as a potential clue that the end may be near. Cope and Devji have transacted recently and any inactivity over the coming weeks/month could be a clue that they are in active negotiations with an interested party on a buyout. Considering Cope's interview comments I noted it makes sense for them to get the trades they need done out of the way as a blackout period may be coming soon.


GLTA longs,