Hi Chuck/Milly,


Looking at the share price movements as of late it seems we are in a drifting pattern. No news, no catalyst, light volume and to top it all off the POS has been hading lower. IMHO, it appears that only four catalysts can help us move appreciably higher:

1 A takeover offer (obviously);

2. Analyst upgrade;

3. A sharp move upwards in the POS;

4. A major move upward in the overall market carrying all sectors.

The market is clearly aware, based on the company's releases,  that the next substantive news release will be the revised PEA in Q1 2013. I'm not expecting much in tems of upward share price movement until then (except for one of the four factors occuring above). I just hope we get a floor of support to stem the share price meltdown as of late. I would hate to see us back to the low $1.00 level heading into Q1 2013.


GLTA longs