Flymar, I second the motion on Gary trying to keep a lid on it. Thank's for bringing it up because I wasn't quite sure how to explain it to others on the Board without leaving the wrong impression. I too was somewhat expecting a longer introduction similar to that during the teleconference post JV dissolution. It was unusually brief. Also, I believe it was as if he was purposefully  "downplaying" the takeover discussions by not commenting or providing any colour beyond what was required to politely answer questions. At first I was somewhat puzzled but my gut tells me that he perhaps is trying to keep his cards close to his chest possibly out of concern about leaking something out or annoying an acquisitor with whom they are close to sealing a deal. In any event, I don't interpret it as negative, largely because his comments/language used during the Kingstrade interview is very clear. At this stage (compared to earlier communication shortcomings), I can't imagine Gary going out on a limb without it being something he is very confident about.


He did however make it very clear that everyone was pleasantly caught off guard by the open pit potential and the revised resource numbers thereby leading one to infer that the price of acquistion is going up. Gary also mentioned that the CA parties are busy crunching the updated numbers in their respective models. I just get the sense that we won't have to wait for the revised PEA. Fingers crossed, staying patient, willing to wait for the pay day. For me it has been just over two years in OK.


GLTA longs,