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Oracle Energy Corp V.OEC

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s): OECPF

Oracle Energy Corp. explores and develops oil and gas properties. The Company holds interest in six oil fields with Romanian joint venture partner Carpathian Energy Companie Petroliera.
Price: $0.085 | Change: $0.00 | % Change: 0.00%
Volume: 0 | Day High/Low: N/A/N/A | 52 Week High/Low: 0.17/0.06

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Latest Timelines !!

Now hearing june people one has to remember this is Africa be patient the prize here is huge ! Im hearing they will be adding some more huge firepower here - the risk reward on this play is awesome...read more
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IMO this entity is completely different from the old OEC!

Management and its direction are completely different. But we will have a better idea of its future when the NIgerian oil leases are abnnounced -supposedly in May. Not too long to hold. If they are...read more
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RE:Completion of complicated deal announced

This is cool. running out of investor money/interest in Canada. Better seek foreign investors/ foreign market. Where is this companies income/revenue now! Where has the income/revenue been for the...read more
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Completion of complicated deal announced

Complicated to me as I am not sure of  the implications, "Oracle Energy, Global Resources share exchange   Oracle Energy Corp (2) (C:OEC)  Shares Issued 53,900,131 Last Close 4/9/2014 $0.09...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Oracle is a great buy!

only $375.00 traded today. float must be real tight.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Oracle is a great buy!

alpha sigma why baffled? clearly you are dealing with a minimum of 4 tout d.....bags on this board, this deal if it were for real would not need second raters to bully people on BB boards, or to spend...read more
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some info on oracle just out on stock house glta

Oracle Energy Corp. (V.OEC) aims to build world class E&P company in Africa   Stockhouse Editorial 0 Comments| 1 hour ago ...read more
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RE:New Members??????

wagon before the horse my friend - they need to aquire the properties first before they can produce and have revenues - the company is in the bidding process and also considering aquiring producing...read more
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New Members??????

Seriously!!!! Looks like a new line of executives coming in to fill their pockets, based on shareholders and the continuance of diluting this company. Does this company have an income? Have they had...read more
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Very Impressive Board Additions Today !!

Like you said i do not  think  these highly connected  individuals would be joining Oracle unless  good things were about to happen very impressive indeed -  hearing now there could be a 2 month...read more
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The quality of members of the board gives significant

prestige to OEC. Perehaps a forward prediction of what is happening re. their Nigerian play. These moves indicate that knowledgable people are prepared to put their reputations on the side of OEC...read more
3.5 stars

I believe April 8 is the date of the oil lease decisions

So a week from today MAY decide the immediate future of OEC !! We live in interesting times!!  rate and reply
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Countdown - April 11 oil production contracts to be awarded

Stay tuned watch the market action here if oracle gets granted some concessions I believe this stock will trade at .30  in short  order and that is just for starters  -  the risk reward is great  only...read more
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Expecting some news this week

  rate and reply
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RE:Oracle is a great buy!

The only way I would have any intentions of buying is if a crediable buyer (IE A BANK) started accumulating shares.  As Iv'e said and I still believe Oracle has no financial or managerial significance...read more
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Oracle is a great buy!

Alphasigmaphi, you should be accumulating at these level. It’s a no brainier ... The market is turning and Oracle with its all-star studded line up of management have an opportunity to acquire 1 or...read more
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BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH !!! - Im infor 50,000 at .075

Do you think this new GRIT fund is getting involved for nothing - Have you done your dd on their partners in Nigeria Greenacres and the Boland group you wanna talk about connected in that country...read more
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RE:Shareholders be careful. The negative posters have their own

All of which gives them enough capital to last the next 6months  before it magically disapeers on the balance sheet, which then leaves them to go on the hunt  for  the next private placement. The...read more
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Shareholders be careful. The negative posters have their own

motives to keep share price down. Example is claim OEC has no money. This press release presents a different picture "December 13, 2013 - Oracle Energy Corp. ("the Company") (OCL-TSX.V)(O2E-Frankfurt...read more
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Company is near an all  time low.... not exactly a money a maker.  rate and reply