Sure, that was just this past year. What about since 2009 when the PEA was released and all these articles were written about how great the project is (was) and how management was going to follow in the foorsteps of Silvercrest etc. In 3.5 years managament played with their balls!! They didn't do any further delineation drilling, or anything. Back in 2011 their was plenty of $$ to be leant - many juniors went the PP route (sure, maybe not at the best of terms, but they got the $$). Now the execuse is that it's difficult for juniors to do financing. Well, maybe if management had been more proactive or even did a 20 million PP? Oh, but that's so "dilutive". Well, how about non-dilution of NOTHING!! And nice deal too. A lot of "IFs" - if they get into production. F#&*@k me! Should of at least done a JV or something. I mean, we were talking about $20 M (of course back 3 years ago). Because they sat on their thumbs, the costs (which I stated many times) have no doubt ballooned since then and the $5 M left they needed was probably more like $10+. You think it's tough now, financing for juniors going forward will perhaps all but dry up. And here we are again, waiting for the Amparos put on by Goldcorp. Are we even drilling X? Or is management doing what they have done for 3+ years - F&@#&( deeck!! Maybe Goldcorp will offer Oroco management a cool $5 M so they can pay their bills. Anyways, major focus change from developer/producer to now white elephant hunter. Sure instills a lot of confidence (at least for me) in what management is doing. Oh, but these guys are "mine builders" - best in the biz.