Rockman, you are perfectly entitled to your opinion and yes, this Company and the stock price has disappointed all investors but in your attempts to vent on this board, you state some blatant untruths which should not be allowed to stand.

You said, "This is a classic pump and dump stock."

That is a claim that I hope you have proof for or the Company may not be very pleased with that accusation.

You said, "I predicted earlier that some of the board would start to resign as they had sold all their stock and options with no hope of recovery."

Again, blatant untruth. The Board has not sold all their stock and Options, in fact quite the contrary. Very little has been sold and in recent days there has been Insider Buying, small amounts, but its a start.

So, while you are justifiably angry if you've lost a lot of money in this stock, please at least post facts and not insinuations or outright fabrications.

With the share price having dropped 80% in 12 months, don't you think there is a chance that the bad news may finally have been priced in? I'm not expecting anything earth shattering in the next update either but even a reasonable sign of progress should put a solid floor under this stock.